The Frog and the Ibis

One sunny afternoon, a frog was sitting on a rock, the cool clear stream, which was his home, lapped gently as it passes by.
The frog sighed, “What a wonderful world it is, everything in it’s place and a place for everything” he said out loud.
Now, philosophical frogs being quite hard to find, a passing Ibis, on hearing the frog’s proclamation, was quite intrigued, made a fast U turn, and flew down to the bank of the stream, landing just near the rock.
“I couldn’t help overhearing your thoughts frog,” said the Ibis, “what do you use as a basis for your understanding?”
The frog, quite pleased to have someone to discuss the finer points of life with, took a deep breath and replied, “Well Ibis, it’s like this. In the world there are clearly defined habitats for all God’s creatures, for example, this stream right here was made for frogs, and frogs, made to live in streams.”
“And what else?” inquired the Ibis.
“I was getting the that,” the frog, a little annoyed at being interrupted, continued. “As I was saying, there are special places for all creatures, take yourself, you have wonderful wings so you can fly through the air, soaring on thermals a great way up, and we might well say, that the thermals and indeed the very sky itself, was made just for you!”
This concept caught the imagination of the Ibis, who had never really considered his place in the great scheme of things at all.
“This logic of yours frog, has great merit, are there any more examples of this grand plan?”
The frog, quite taken with the praise from the Ibis, was greatly pleased with his audience’s response, sadly though, his pride grew, and his chest puffed out.
“The list goes on and on Ibis, you fly above the earth, I live here in the stream, yet there are worms who live under the ground, fish and great wales that swim in the vast oceans, all perfectly matched to their environments, everything in harmony.”
“I don’t know about wales,” replied the Ibis, “but I do understand worms, so I have no reason to suspect you are at all wrong in what you say, and,” he went on, “I will go so far as to say I have never met a more intelligent frog in my life.”
The Frog, with mock humility, thanked the Ibis for his kind comments, and for the opportunity to discuss things of great import with another one of God’s creatures.
“Well Frog,” said the Ibis finally, “I really must be going now,” and so, with a lick of his lips and the flap of his wings, the Ibis flew off to continue his journey. “That was a very nice Frog,” he thought to himself, and licked his lips again.