Sorry I’m Late

I hate waiting, no, I mean I REALLY hate waiting.

Waiting for trains, waiting in lines, waiting to find a car park, anything to do with not being able to do, what I want to do, when I want to do it, got it?

You will always know when I’m waiting, the black cloud over my head, the one with the lightning bolts flashing, and the thunder rolling, that’s me, when I’m waiting.

Why is it that God made two kinds of people, ones who are early, and ones who are late. I don’t mean once or twice, or if the car breaks down, these inconsiderate wretches are always late, but not just a minute or two here or there, no, we’re talking fifteen to twenty minutes, every damn time!

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Trouble at the well

Long ago and far away, a young boy carried a heavy load from the market, there, his father traded vegetables for meat, and other family necessities.
“Mind you go straight home now,” his father commanded, “and don’t go near the well.”
However, the day being hot and dusty, the boy ignored his father’s instruction, a cool drink at the village well was all he could think of.
Surrounding the well were a number of drinking troughs for the animals, some of which were being filled by people who owned cattle and camels.
Looking around, the boy saw a very dry trough at which stood a solitary camel, looking most thirsty.
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The Frog and the Ibis

One sunny afternoon, a frog was sitting on a rock, the cool clear stream, which was his home, lapped gently as it passes by.
The frog sighed, “What a wonderful world it is, everything in it’s place and a place for everything” he said out loud.
Now, philosophical frogs being quite hard to find, a passing Ibis, on hearing the frog’s proclamation, was quite intrigued, made a fast U turn, and flew down to the bank of the stream, landing just near the rock.
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Living off the Grid

Long ago and far away, well, that’s what they would have you believe, lived and man and his son, alone in a small stone cottage.
One day, the father asked the boy to go and collect some kindling for this evening’s meal.
The father, as best he could, made a modest living hacking into secret government files, then selling the information to competing countries.
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